Hottest peppers in the world

The chilling sensation 

If you really are a spicy food freak and always look for best peppers you can add into your dishes, you have come to the best article you can ever have. To take you off from your seat with the chilling sensation, there are varieties of peppers available in market. Before going with the real chill, let us have some look at how the peppers are determined into rates.

How Peppers Are Measured for Spiciness?

An American Pharmacist with the name Wilbur Scoville firstly struck with the spice of peppers, and devised in 1912, a scale for measuring the spicy heat of chilli pepper. The name of the scale has been kept on him, that is, Scoville heat units (SHU) that measures the spicy heat or piquancy of a chilli pepper. SHU indicates on its scale, the amount of capasaicin-the chemical compound responsible for the spiciness, present in pepper. Now a day, the advance quantitative analysis and liquid chromotogpahy are measuring the capasaicinoid content in chillies.

Now we start with the real deal, the world’s hottest peppers. The ranking start with:

Bhut Jolokia Pepper hottest pepper ever found on earth

With a mind hovering SHU of around 1,041,427, it is considered as the world’s hot-most pepper with an acknowledgement of Gunnies book of world record. With its origin in eastern Assam, India, it comes with many names like, Ghost Pepper, Naga Jolokia, California Death Pepper and more. It’s advisable to have a medical aid-box near you, when you go for trying it for the first time as it’s not a cup of tea for everyone.

Dorset NagaA companion of spiciness

Giving a tough deal to Bhut Jolokia in the matter of Scoville heat units count, that is around 970,000 SHU, is a British origin. It was founded by Michael and Joy in the Dorset in England. Similar in look and shape with a small red pepper is actually a big shot in small pack. It is a relative breed of another chart topper pepper- Scotch Bonnet

Red SavinaA name that was best earlier

This pepper was considered the hottest before the Bhut Jolokia. With an outstanding SHU count of around 577,000 SHU is a relative of the Habanero, but is greatly hotter than that.  Founded by Frank Gracia of California, Red Savina is now under the protection of the US Plant Variety protection act. It goes with a high recommendation with its flavourish-vegetable taste.

Habanero chile – A spicy classic

A super-hot pepper owns a great respect for its hotness with a taste flavour. Though not that much of impressive, when it comes to SHU count, which is of 350,000 SHU,in comparison of other peppers. With elegant look in different colours –green, blue, it is one which makes people fall.

These classy taste booster peppers are among those which a true spice lover will always look for to include in dish for atleast once in life time.